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Poll Pay Promises to Bring Big Money from Little Surveys

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for a way to make money online the easy way. Perhaps you’d like to pay off your monthly internet bill or cover the cost of a couple of nights out at the local bar. (maybe even a whole weekend eh?) Poll Pay could be the money maker you’re looking for as long as you don’t expect it to replace your full-time job. Honestly none of these can replace your full time job except potentially Mechanical Turk, which we’ve only brushed on in our three titans article special you can read here. We’ll break it down for you in this article like we always do here at Beer Money Online. How much can you earn, is it worth it, and most importantly, can I buy a beer or two this weekend?

Earn Money Online with Poll Pay
Poll Pay marketing. Use code 4EU79XGCF9 for bonus money at sign up.

Today, we’ll introduce you to Poll Pay, one of the various easy ways for earning money online by completing surveys and polls. Is it legitimate, and how much money can you expect to make? We’ll answer these and more in this piece.

What is Poll Pay?

Poll Pay is a simple and easy way to make online cash. You only need to respond to surveys and polls to receive some cents for each survey.

With their website or mobile app, you can start earning immediately.

Is Poll Pay Legitimate?

Poll Pay is a legitimate platform that will compensate you for taking surveys and polls. On the Google Play store, the app received an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 100.000 users.

You can expect to earn between $2 and $10 for a day’s work, depending on the availability of surveys, how much they pay, and how long they take.

The money you earn on Poll Pay will undoubtedly help you cover some expenses or give you pocket money, but nothing more.

Use this referral code to get $0.25 if you decide to sign up and start earning: 4EU79XGCF9

How do You Get Paid?

You can cash out via PayPal at any time if you have at least $5 in your Poll Pay account. You can also redeem your money for Amazon gift cards, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Tips to Maximize Your Earnings on Pay Poll

Here are some ideas for earning more money for less effort:

  • Always go for the surveys with the least amount of time for the most pay.
  • Use Pay Poll mobile app on the go or when you’re waiting in queues.
  • Invite your friends to Poll Pay and earn free money for each invite. All you have to do is share your referral or invite code to begin earning extra credits. Start off on the right foot by using our referral code when you sign up for an exclusive 25 cent bonus! (4EU79XGCF9 use that code in the link below on step one)

How to Sign Up for Pay Poll and Use The Referral Code?

  1. Go to the signup page here.
  2. Scroll down until you see “You got invited to Poll Pay?”
  3. Click on Enter Invitation code.
  4. Enter this Poll Pay Invitation code: 4EU79XGCF9 (Free Money Bonus!)
  5. Now signup using Facebook, Google, or Apple; Your registration is complete, and you’ve received $0.25.

Bottom Line

Pay Poll is a legitimate way to supplement your income. It is easy to use and provides many surveys and polls to complete in exchange for a few cents.

However, keep your expectations in check. Pay Poll is not a replacement for your full-time job or a way to become rich. Don’t forget about your free code if you are going to sign up to get a head start on your first free beer! 🙂 http://web.pollpay.app/login and use code 4EU79XGCF9 at sign up for your bonus!

Earn Money Online with Poll Pay
Poll Pay marketing. Use code 4EU79XGCF9 for bonus money at sign up.