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Unclaimed Government Money is REAL?? How I found $350!

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California Unclaimed Property Website.

There are a number of government welfare packages for handicapped, veterans, single parents, and workers that are left unclaimed every year in the United States of America. The biggest reason for this is the fact that people do not have the knowledge of these packages. There are numerous social programs designed for the public that do not have the knowledge to take advantage of these programs.

Everyone knows about big social programs like Medicare. But, people do not know about numerous small social programs which are left unclaimed every year. These are not only social programs, but also the money the Federal or State prosecutors receive when they sue corporations and win a huge settlement, they reimburse the settlement to the victims. But, the Victims have to file an application to receive part of the settlement which they are entitled.

A small example is the piston issue in Hyundai cars and everyone that had a particular model of Hyundai car could claim a $10 settlement. It is a very meager amount, but many victims do not claim their settlements and as a result the settlement you receive may be much higher.

Where to go to Claim money

There are a number of sites, both private and public, which cover a specific sector or section of claims. They can be consumer settlements, government class action lawsuits, and social protection programs. Each State also has its own procedures for claims.

For Consumer Protection Settlement Claims

Topclassaction.com is a consumer advocate site that provides the data of all the current and previous settlements. It follows a very easy procedure to check out whether you have a right on claims. You can also check a specific lawsuit by typing in the lawsuit name. Top Class Action also provides the deadline and procedure for filing the claim. You can also subscribe to this website for being up to date with the latest lawsuits.

Unclaimed money from Government

Usa.gov/unclaimed money is a great federal website that covers every unclaimed benefit and even covers unclaimed State benefits. It also provides a detail list of various forms of grants, loans, and benefits.

First, click on the claims you think you are entitled to. A new website would open relating to the specific claim you filed for: For example, unclaimed money. Then a big click here button would appear. There, you would fill all the necessary information and then you will be informed of your claim through the email. If your claim is legitimate, there are two ways you could receive the claim. First one is that the government would send you the claim through mail or you can opt to collect the check yourself at the local post office.

Find unclaimed money in every State

For unclaimed money, you can go to missingmoney.com. You just type your name in the search box and it would show if you have any unclaimed money from the federal or state government. It is very easy and simple to use and also gives quick results.

For Unclaimed Property (uncashed checks, grants, or security deposits)

Unclaimed.org is a website by the national association of Unclaimed Property Administrations. It is a network of state treasurers. You can not only file claims here, you can also report claims here. It is like a centralized repository for unclaimed assets in the United States of America.

Just click on conduct your free search and then a page pops up where you select your state. Then it will take you to your state website where you type in your name or business name, Zip Code, address and it will return the search of whether you are owed any claims.

For tax refund claims

IRS has its own page where it shares information regarding tax reclaims. In the U.S. tax codes; there are a huge amount of provisions for every person where he/ she can take advantage of these tax benefits. You can check out the IRS website to learn about tax benefits for which you may qualify for. You can easily check your refund status; all you need is your social security number, your filing status, and the exact refund amount.

Unclaimed money from a Bankruptcy

When a person or a business goes bankrupt, it may owe some people, if you are one of the person that the person or business owes money to, you can reclaim it at the U.S. Court Unclaimed fund. All you need to do is enter the court name or if you do not know the court name, leave it empty. The creditor and debtor name, date before or after if you know it, and press enter. You will get all the data regarding your claim.


The list provided above is by no means exhaustive. You can also check the federal government claims website for multiple claims related to insurance, investment, mortgages, and veteran affairs.

One very important note is to always make sure you are on a legitimate government website when filling out any sensitive information to claim your property or cash. Never send any money to anyone as the government will not charge you for this service.

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