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Definitively Awesome List of The Best Craft Beer Sorted and Scored.

Let’s take a break from earning all that side cash for the bar tab and just talk about beer for a minute. It is in our name after all… Your favorite liquor says a lot about your personality. Drinkers believe that if you donā€™t have a favorite beverage yet, you have not mastered the art of drinking. Every beverage out there has something unique to offer and choosing your favorite one is a tricky task. Knowing the different types of beer is really important because only then you can decide which beer you like the most.

For the non-drinkers, discussing these little details seems useless but only true beer lovers know the worth of their favorite beer type. They can distinguish their favorite type of beer with a single sip only. Thirsty yet? šŸ˜

My Favorite Alcoholic Beer

I also started drinking beer with no knowledge of different types of beer. As I started tasting different options, some felt extremely comforting and some felt odd. Despite drinking more often, it took me some time to realize that I like Belgian beer the most. I tried different styles of Belgian beer and found it to be better than other available options. After a few years of continued drinking, I could certainly say that Belgian beer happens to be my favorite beer.

In the US drinking culture, Belgian beer is quite popular. Not only in the United States of America but many other countries also cherish the rich taste of Belgian beer. In terms of flavors and styles, you have fruit beers, pale ales, and dark ales. The reason I like the Belgian beer most is the high alcoholic content and lesser bitterness in the taste.

Why do I love Stella Artois – Belgian Beer?

If I am asked to choose one Belgian beer, I would definitely prefer Stella Artois over other brands. This Belgian beer was brewed by Brouwerij Artois in 1926. Since then, Stella Artois is unique in terms of taste and style. Soon, Stella Artois gained popularity outside Belgium and now it is widely sold in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and many other countries.

Belgian beer was not my first love because it definitely took me some time to understand the rich taste and different styles and flavors of Belgian beer. As compared to many other commonly available beer types, Belgian beer offers the most flavors and styles. Simply, you donā€™t have to compromise on your choices with Belgian beer. I also tried IPA but found it intensely bitter but in the case of my favorite beer, everything felt so smooth and calming. I have never been a big fan of too-bitter beverage so Belgian beer made the choice a lot easier for me.

As compared to other available options in the beer section, Belgian beer feels so good due to its unique aroma. Belgian breweries are good at their job they specifically make these styles for sophisticated personalities.  So what is your favorite brew? Let me know in the comments below and you might just get a personal shoutout or exclusive swag from BeerMoney.Online!

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